The Five Tools I’ve Used to  Close Hundreds of Deals

started my business on a legal pad.
grew my business using the tools listed below.


Real Estate Optimized Websites.

Since 2013 I’ve trusted Carrot to handle every aspect of my website design and hosting. Amazing product. Amazing group of guys and gals. 

And the best thing? Carrot’s platform is built with real estate investors in mind.

Not only does the platform simplify the design and launch of a new website… it also helps you make sure that it’s optimized for SEO, makes building lead generation funnels easier, and even provides you with pre-packaged content to make sure your site always stays fresh.

Carrot websites aren’t just websites for your “We Buy Houses” company, they are highly optimized lead generating websites that can help you pull in both cash buyers and motivated sellers. Since launching my Carrot websites a couple years ago, I’ve pulled in over 15,000 leads and closed hundreds of deals.

>> Check out a video I did with Carrot’s Founder a few years ago discussing how I’ve used the platform to grow my buyers’ list ten-fold


“The money is in the followup!”

Truer words have never been spoken in any business that involves a sales process. Buying real estate is no different. Rarely do I buy a house on the first phone call. There is always some level of follow up. 

I’ve been an InvestorFuse customer for years now and can point to dozens and dozens of examples where I put deals under contract that otherwise would have been lost in time had the amazing automated, customizable follow up sequences not brought sellers back in touch with me. Great interface. And again, an amazing company that works around the clock to improve their product and customer experience. 

If you’re looking for a great CRM that’s custom-built for real estate investors, this is the one!  With tons of integrations and a great support team, it cannot be beat. If you’re looking to build-out a better follow-up system and stop dropping leads, InvestorFuse is exactly what you need.


I started using Propstream about 18 months ago and have fallen in love with the accuracy of their data, NATIONWIDE.

When you go to pull property data or run comps or just cold prospect, this is the only system that you really NEED.  It really is an ALL-IN-ONE solution.

You can also skip trace leads right inside the platform, returning results almost immediately.

This is literally how easy it is with Propstream…

Step 1. Identify A Lead

Step 2. Skip-Trace to Get Their Info

Step 3. Be on the Phone Within Minutes


If you read or watched the CNBC piece I linked above, you already know how I use Uber & Lyft drivers (as well as other groups like delivery drivers) to scout deals for me.  DealMachine is the key to that lead gen effort!

Not only is DealMachine a great place for my entire team to log and manage those leads, it also allows me to source contact information for owners instantly as well.

We can also manage our small, but very targeted direct mail campaigns. DealMachine integrates well with InvestorFuse and moving a lead into follow up is as easy as changing the status.


I’ve been using MailChimp even longer than Carrot. Before I even had a website I knew the importance of maintaining my buyer database, keeping it segmented, and keeping those buyers updated with tailored, relevant deals.

Some of my buyers have been in my email marketing platform for almost 10 years! Crazy!  Many of them are my most reliable buyers, and email is the most reliable way to reach them!

I use MailChimp to manage all my e-mail lists, automate some of my marketing efforts as well as buyer follow up. Simple, easy to use platform. Great customer support. And very easy integrations with TONS of tools, including Carrot.