About Me

A quick peek into where I am, where I’m headed, and what keeps me focused.

Hi, I’m Daniel. About ten years ago, I got into real estate by buying my first rental property in Charm City — Baltimore, Maryland.

However, I’ve had a mind for entrepreneurship and business for quite a bit longer. I registered my first business entity in the State of Maryland when I was 15 and was beyond thrilled when I could finally put a real name to what I had been doing for a year or two prior. I was building websites and online lead funnels for small businesses, playing with SEO, Google Ads, and other PPC exchanges. Fast forward a few years and I was studying finance and economics at Towson University and managing a student run investment portfolio where — year after year — we convinced the university board to give us real endowment dollars to trade stocks.  At that point in my life, I saw myself on Wall Street — taking every dollar I could find and investing it in the next big thing.

But there was a problem… that path didn’t feel as quite as entrepreneurial as I wanted.  I didn’t only want to invest in cool things. I wanted to build cool things.

So I really started studying real estate: rentals, flips, apartments, commercial… everything. I fell in love with real estate and I’ve been there ever since.

A few times I’ve taken a slight right over the years and invested in small businesses that weren’t in the real estate space like a minor league baseball team, a marketing company, a SaaS, a security company, and a few others. These investments helped fuel my inner entrepreneurial spirit, but my heart has always been with real estate.

Check out a recent CNBC segment I did on our company’s latest marketing techniques

>> https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/07/home-flippers-hire-uber-lyft-drivers-to-find-edge-in-housing-market.html

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